About Strongback Property Management Quinte

Strongback Property Management opened in the Ottawa area in 2009  to help fill a growing need for reliable, professional and dependable property management services for real estate investors and property owners in the Ottawa area. More recently, Strongback started offering Property Management services in the Quinte Area- including Belleville, Picton & Trenton. With a vast personal and professional network in the Quinte Area, Strongback will be able to provide the same exceptional service it has come to be known for in the Ottawa area.

Our mission

Our mission is to match suitable, high quality renters with top quality units to help make being a renter or property owner as easy and enjoyable as possible.

This need to match renters with appropriate housing came out of years of living in various apartments in and around Ottawa. We saw many rental units that ended up not being taken care of, especially if there were not a regularly present owner or property manager. This motivated us to enter the property management business with a commitment of treating each unit as if it was our own, and to ensure an un-intrusive presence with our tenants so they will do the same.

Not all units are appropriate for all renters. For example, individuals such as young professionals or couples looking to start a family may not want the hustle and bustle of the university or college life that some neighbours may provide. We are fair to our renters and tell them what they can expect living in one place versus another and work with them to find a property that will best suit their lifestyle and needs. We are visible and active property managers and try to prevent issues before they arise, through regular communication with both owners and tenants.

We look forward to providing you with outstanding service- whether you are a property owner or renter.